Bakeries & Delis


 After I met my wonderful husband in chiropractic school, we moved to Colorado and opened our own clinic. As a chiropractor, my focus had always been on health and nutrition so it was important for my children to eat quality food with quality ingredients. I have always liked to experiment with recipes and wrote a cookbook 6 years ago called “Naturally Nutritious”. I changed how I baked and cooked after we discovered that one son is allergic to nuts and another is allergic to gluten. I still wanted them to be able to enjoy delicious breads, cookies and muffins.

I wanted to create deliciously, healthful food for the masses and when more and more friends started asking for my specialty crafted bakery goods, it was time for me to open my own bakery. Allergy Free Baking Company uses high quality and all natural ingredients to create foods specifically for you. All of our goods are gluten-free, peanut-free, nut-free and dairy-free. Many products are made without eggs, soy and corn.