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Instructions: (May vary based on oven type) 1. Pre heat oven at 415 2. Weigh out wet ingredients: 11 oz Water, 2 oz Olive Oil, 9 grams of dry instant yeast. (Per 16 oz of dry mix) 3. Add yeast to water, incorporate until water becomes cloudy. Leave to sit and activate. 4. Add 16 oz dry ingredients into water and mix until incorporated. 5. Add olive oil. Mix until incorporated. 6. Cover dough ball and set it aside to rise. 7. Split into 2 equal parts for 2 medium pizzas or keep dough ball together for 1 large pizza. Press dough ball out with fingertips from the center to the crust with even pressure then finish with a rolling pin. To avoid the dough sticking, dust lightly with rice flour or oil.