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As longtime ice cream lovers, we didn’t want kids or adults with nut allergies to live in a world where they couldn’t enjoy the tasty treat of some sweet delicious ice cream – so we did something about it.

First, in our critically acclaimed ice cream shop on New York City’s Upper East Side – and now in our national product roll-out, a la mode ice cream leaves out the potentially harmful stuff (nuts, sesame seeds, and eggs), but leaves in all of the rich, satisfying taste of a premium ice cream brand.

With nut and other food allergies of increasing concern, it’s good to know that a la mode ice cream is made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where there is absolutely no chance of our products being compromised by any nut dust (or trace amounts of eggs, or sesame seeds).

Our delicious creations have already been widely recognized for their superior flavors and variety. This allergy-conscious, handcrafted approach – along with a mouth-watering menu of exciting new flavors – guarantees that a la mode ice cream will soon become an ice cream “superstar” in your store too.